Bloody Pit of Horror

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1h 14min     1965

A group of models and cameramen go to a castle to shoot covers for horror novels where they're captured and tortured by the castle's owner, a lunatic who believes himself to be the reincarnated spirit of a 17th-century executioner, the Crimson Executioner whose job it is to protect the castle against intruders.

Bloody Pit of Horror is an Italian film of 1965 Italian Gothic fiction horror based on the writings of Marquis de Sade. The film, set in Italy.

Director: Massimo Pupillo (as Max Hunter)
Writers: Romano Migliorini (story, screenplay and adaptation) (as Robert McLoren), Roberto Natale (story, screenplay and adaptation) (as Robert Christmas)

     Mickey Hargitay: Travis Anderson
    Walter Brandi: Rick (as Walter Brandt)
    Luisa Baratto: Edith (as Louise Barret)
    Rita Klein: Nancy
    Alfredo Rizzo: Daniel Parks (as Alfred Rice)
    Barbara Nelli: Suzy (as Barbara Nelly)
    Moa Tahi: Kinojo
    Femi Benussi: Annie (as Femi Martin)
    Ralph Zucker: Photographer
    Nando Angelini (as Nik Angel)
    Albert Gordon (actor)
    Gino Turini (as John Turner)
    Roberto Messina (as Robert Messenger)


Classics Classic Sci Fi & Horror
classic, horror, classichorror
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